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DRAMA: "The Prince of Ur" (Hwl, Tomjon, Vitoller, plus...DEATH. PG.)

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Aug. 5th, 2012 | 12:20 pm
posted by: bethbethbeth in disc_fest

Author: firebird5
Title: The Prince of Ur
Characters(s): Hwel, Tomjon, Vitoller, many OCs & a very short cameo by Death
Rating: PG
Word Count: 14,556
Possible warnings and/or enticements - highlight to view (may contain spoilers): *None*
Summary: Hwel writes a patriotic play - that is, it talks about killing foreigners (who deserve it) - but certain critics still aren't satisfied. And sometimes, late at night, Hwel wonders if he's writing the play or the play is writing him...
Author's Notes: Set during the events in Jingo, the lead-up to the war against Klatch. Written for prompt 137: We've seen a Midsummer Night's Dream and MacBeth in Discworld. How about another Shakespeare play in Discworld? The Tempest, maybe, or Hamlet...

Click here to read 'The Prince of Ur'

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