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Art and Fic Prompt Claiming Post for Disc Fest II (2012)

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May. 25th, 2012 | 01:15 pm
posted by: bethbethbeth in disc_fest

In honor of the Glorious 25th of May...

(banner by chomiji)

Below the cut tag is a table with all the prompts suggested by our community watchers and a wild-card category.

Each prompt can be claimed by up to four people (two artists and two authors) - and yes, you may claim a prompt that you suggested.

Prompts with ART specified are at the top of the chart, but all other prompts can be claimed by artists or authors (note: crossovers are listed at the bottom of the chart)

I've screened all comments so that prompt claiming is anonymous. As prompts are selected, I'll update the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth posts to indicate how many claims have been made.

Prompts will be available for claiming until midnight (New York time) on June 1, 2012

For more info, take a look at the earlier background information posts on Livejournal and mirrored on Dreamwidth If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at: discfest.mod [at] gmail [dot] com

Please use the following form to sign up:

(note: information about what sort of header to use for your submission will be sent to you with the confirmation of your prompt)


Prompt Art Claims Fic Claims
1. Wild Card - Persons claiming this want to write/draw something that is not one of the prompts in this table. Anything related to any of the characters, locations, or scenarios from Discworld is fair game (wording adapted from snarryathon11).
2. Iconograph image(s) of any of the speeding cart drivers or other traffic captured by the traffic cameras in The Third Elephant
3. Iconograph image(s) of Vimes and family
4. A portrait of Vetinari
5. Art of any sketches / plans drawn by Bloody Stupid Johnson
6. Art of any sketches / plans drawn by Leonard de Quirm
7. Art of the river Ankh in a style inspired by (or parodying) Van Gogh's Starry Night Over the Rhone
8. Art of Ridcully's office in a style inspired by (or parodying) Matisse
9. Art of the opera house ballerinas and/or Christine, in a style inspired by (or parodying) Degas
10.Art of Nanny Ogg and/or Perdita, in a style inspired by (or parodying) Titian
11. A picture of any character's bedroom
12. An illustrated family tree for any character
13. Art: Lu-Tze sweeping in the background of some major world event
14. ART or VID: Someone's fortune, as told with Caroc Cards.
15.Growing up in the Guild, any Ankh-Morpork Guild.
16. a Day in the Life of the Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons
17. Snowy Slopes wasn't an assassin, just very good at killing people he didn't know for money. Where/how did he learn his trade?
18. The very long courtship of Agnes and Mightily Oates
19. Adventures of Esk between her book appearances
20. A day in the life of the luggage, or any other piece of sapient pearwood
21. The librarian's transformation into an orangutang
22. The tale of any of the lost expeditions in the library
23. Someone spikes dinner at the Unseen University with a love potion. What happens?
24. Inter-species lesbian bar in Ankh Morpok. What conversations & romances result?
25. Conina's childhood
26. The story behind Cohen the Barbarian's famous proverb "never enter an arsekicking contest with a porcupine".
27. Sometimes Nanny Ogg's sex education involves demonstrations or even a little hands-on experience
28. "Lady Ramkin's bosom rose and fell like an empire." Which empire? And is it related to them Ramkin family's famous military endeavours?
29. Any scene from canon retold from the perspective of a book in the library
30. A recipe (or two!) from Nanny Ogg's cookbook
31. Philosophical observations by Ly Tin Wheedle
32. Scenes from Detritus' war on drugs
33. Angua/any female character, climbing naked through someone's window is an unorthodox way to start a relationship, but it seems to have worked
34. Susan/Miss Tick, gels from the Quirm School for Young Ladies stick together
35. A reunion at the Quirm School for Young Ladies
36. In Goblin society it's usual for the young man to ask the young lady, but after some discussion with Miss Beedle, Shine of the Rainbow loses patience and asks Breaking Wind (aka Corporal Nobby Nobbs) to marry her. What next?
37. Tiffany/Preston, visiting Preston at the Lady Sybil Free Hospital and getting to see the city sans Feegles
38. Om; Gods are shaped by human belief. So what happens when your humans, instead of having their belief center on your power and justice and smiting abilities, start really believing you love them and watch over them?
39. The story of the dwarf and troll who set up together in whatever-street (mentioned in Snuff)
40. Mightily Praiseworthy Are Ye Who Exalteth Om Oats did not expect the answer for his wishing for some divine confirmation to show up in the shape of a one-eyed tortoise with a penchant for cynical remarks about the world. (Post Carpe Jugulum)
41. Sally/Maladicta, liaising
42. Moist von Lipwig meets the Amazing Maurice.
43. At the end of Thief of Time Susan teaches Unity how to live.
44. Lady Ramkin drags Susan out and about Ankh-Morpork for various reasons.
45. Vetinari very much approves of the Duchess of Sto Helit.
46. Susan, the Watch, and something supernatural.
47. Susan does go and spend time with Nanny Ogg. She didn't really anticipate the rest of Lancre.
48. 5 places Lu-Tze swept.
49. Ptraci is determined to bring plumbing to Djelibeybi no matter what. After that she might just start importing pillows and mattresses.
50. What any character sees when they look in the mirror, as compared with what they really look like
A romance conducted by clacks and/or semaphore
51. Speed-dating in Ankh Morpok
52. Any canonical event, as witnessed from Cori Celesti
53. Drinks menu in 2 or 3 different Ankh Morpok bars (maybe including the opera house)
54. If the walls of the Assassins Guild could talk...
55. Offices of The Times before or after a major event
56. Another minority group joins the watch. What's the group, who is the character, & what happens?
57. The Night Watch isn't the first time a Discworld character travels through time. Who went where, and what happened?
58. Five times Granny Weatherwax wins a gamble with Death (and one time she doesn't?)
59. Heir to the crown of Lancre is born
60. An exchange of letters between Sybil and one (or more) of her school friends
61. Vetinari's first kiss, and his first murder
62. Esk and Lady Roberta Meserole have tea together
63. Esk, what the magic of space & time looks like.
64. William de Worde interviews Granny Weatherwax
65. Esk encounters the sweeper (or vice versa)
66. Vimes/Vetinari, a fine romance (song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2dLaXTdnMg&feature=youtube_gdata)
67. Vimes/Vetinari, retirement
68. Vimes/Vetinari, they never talk about it
69. Rosie Palm/Nanny Ogg, birds of a feather
70. Rosie Palm/Granny Weatherwax, just because she never married doesn't mean she never [ahem] loved
71. Rosie Palm/Esk, "and when I say the earth moved..."
72. Esk/Lady Roberta Meserole, just like magic
73. Esk/Lady Roberta Meserole, aging gracefully but not exactly retiring
74. Adora Belle/Esk, magic is sexier when it's done by women
75. Rosie Palm/Sandra Battye, "you wouldn't believe what Sandra can do with a mushroom"
76. Rosie Palm, she's been part of more than one revolution
77. Rosie Palm/Lady Roberta Meserole, the thrill of politics
78. A Republican Bee colony moves into the gardens of [a Discworld character of your choice]. What happens, and what (if any) thoughts about politics / human nature does it provoke?
79. How the Seamstresses Guild was formed
80. Surviving for a day in The Shades
81. A (heavily biased?) history of Ankh Morpok
82. Moist/Adora Belle, ballet and cigarettes and exercise and living dangerously
83. Petulia and the sausage trick
84. Susan and Death's household -- how do they pass major holidays after Hogswatch?
85. Annagramma -- being her own witch
86. Tiffany -- the first time she stands up to Roland
87. Cheery Littlebottom volunteers at the Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons.
88. Ned Coates is actually a time-lost Young Sam. How did he get there, what does he think of (both) the younger version(s) of his dad, and what is he trying to get home in time for?
89. An account of the last days of Lorenzo the Kind, as seen by couriers, commoners, kids and Suffer-Not-Injustice "Stoneface" Vimes.
90. Leonard de Quirm painted a picture known as the Mona Ogg, whose teeth follow you around the room. So which of the Ogg clan posed for it? How did the Ogg in question meet Leonard, given that he's been under house arrest for some time?
91. A day in the life of whoever is running Sto Helit for the absent Duchess Susan.
92. The adventures and tribulations of Clancy, daughter of War.
93. All libraries are connected through L-Space...so any character from a canon with a library could accidentally wander through L-Space into Unseen University's library. Of course, having the same accident twice would be somewhat more difficult.
94. Why DID Lu-Tze have to ensure that a Pash of the Theocracy of Muntab choked to death on a fishbone?
95. Eskarina Smith is able to appear at any time at will. This suggests that she may have run into other people from universes where time travel exists. Write about one of these adventures.
96. A story with Granny Weatherwax involving a jar of peaches, a skull and a candle stub.
97. What's Herrena the Henna-Haired Harridan doing these days?
98. Clearly what Borogravia needs is a witch or two to settle folk down. Who's the first one?
99. Polly/Maladict(a) not on the list of abominations to Nuggan
100. A day in the life of a barrista at a coffee shop in Ankh.
101. A fool and an assassin are forced to work together. Hijinks ensue... and love?
102. "Millennium hand and shrimp" actually means something.
103. Someone steals the Ankh. Yes, the river.
104. Rincewind falls down the wrong trouserleg of time.
105. Annagramma Hawkin saves the day. Somehow.
106. Esme and Mustrum's backstory. < I really need to read this one.
107. Ponder Stibbons meets Galileo.
108. Lord Ramkin comes back as a zombie.
109. An episode in the life of Lord Vetinari before he became Patrician - anything from more about the Assassins School to the events of Night Watch to how he took over as Patrician, or else something not mentioned in canon.
110. Where the hell is Muntab?
111. Gytha Ogg and her husband. Any husband. Any time.
112. Something shiny and new comes to Ankh-Morpork (the bicycle? roulette? Kung-fu? You decide.) How does the city respond? (Bonus points for contributions from Moist, Dibbler, Vimes and/or the Dean.)
113. Where does Cherie Littlebottom shop now? Welcome to the world of dwarf couture.
114. AU: Carrot becomes King.
115. The Disc has its secret policemen. Show us more about Andre (Maskerade) or another undercover detective of your choice.
116. Susan was an experienced nanny. She knew all about children. Then she met Tiffany Aching.
117. The Librarian takes a holiday. Witches may be involved. Or perhaps the Nac mac Feegle.
118. Drumknott and Willikins have a few drinks and discuss their employers ... most discreetly, of course!
119. Little Susan has a special time with her Grandad ... emphasis on special.
120. Polly Perks and Maledicta, the second time around: neutral ground - "please swallow your pride"
121. The Death of Rats and Greebo have An Adventure: it's a city of wonders, and it's an ill turn that does no one good.
122. Dorfl celebrates Hogswatch with a few guests of his own choosing
123. Susan and Angua - family
124. After her family moves to the Chalk, Twyla Gaiter has a singular encounter.
125. Sybil wants a holiday at the seaside. Who comes along, and does anyone actually dip a toe into the water?
126. Sybil and Sam and a quiet evening, pre-young Sam
127. Maledicta and Polly Perks: "I can see forever."
128. A celebration of the ordinary with the City Watch. The moon should be involved.
129. Tiffany Aching and something long forgotten
130. A tall story - Nobby Nobbs ran away to sea as a boy!
131. Nanny Ogg gives a cooking lesson to a pupil of your choice
132. An Auditor encounters one or more of the Lancre Witches and undergoes a transformation.
133. Death in love.
134. Sybill Vimes and Havelock Vetinari as children: were they friends?
135. A couple of the Nac Mac Feegle enroll in the army and are assigned to Polly's unit.
136. A character from another reality appears in Discworld. To be precise, on the table in the Great Hall at Unseen University in the middle of one of the more important meals of the year. Life ensues. (Crossover with whatever you like. The Jossverse or SPN would make me happy, but so would many other alternatives.)
137. We've seen a Midsummer Night's Dream and MacBeth in Discworld. How about another Shakespeare play in Discworld? The Tempest, maybe, or Hamlet...
138. Neverwhere crossover, down in the Long Dark under Ankh-Morpork, someone has opened a door into London Below, and on the other side, there's been a murder...
139. Doctor Who crossover: Amy Pond meets the anthropomorphic personification of Time and they talk about parents.
140. ART: Night Watch art of any sort, bonus points for Reg Shoe and/or Rosie Palms
141. ART: Reaper Man art (either the 'What can the harvest hope for' scene or Death dancing with Miss Flitworth
142. ART: Small Gods art (St. Ungulant on his wheel or a scene from the desert)
143. Doctor Who crossover of any sort, preferably the Fourth, Fifth or Eighth Doctor (from the Eighth Doctor Adventures book series)
144. the adventure where the Reverend Mightily Oats and the witch Agnes Nitt traverse Uberwald, bringing with them peace, knowledge, and a profound respect for the uses of a double-headed axe.
145. some sort of history on the reformation of the Omnian Church and the origins of the explanatory pamphlets system of flock conversion
146. Constable Visit, Constable Dorfl, and Constable Shoe team up to investigate a string of minor and inexplicably bizarre misdemeanors against the differently alive
147. some sort of epic expansion on the L-Space Librarians
148. And in honor of the occasion, a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy crossover of any sort, preferably involving Fenchurch in some way.

Additional Information

*Participants may claim one prompt at a time, but please list two choices, just in case your first choice is no longer available. (note: if you would like to be assigned both of your chosen prompts, please indicate that in your comment.)

*All stories must be a minimum of 500 words. Longer stories, however, are absolutely encouraged.

*There is no "minimum" requirement for artworks (although something more than a drawble is strongly suggested).

*Remember that this is an anonymous fest. All stories and art should be sent to the Mod (discfest.mod [at] gmail [dot] com) by July 20, 2011 for posting. Author and Artist reveals will take place August 3, 2011.

*Feel free to publicize the Fest wherever you think there might be interest. If you'd like to post the Disc Fest banner (made by chomiji) in your journal, just copy/paste the following code:

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