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Disc Fest 2011 - Master List

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Aug. 3rd, 2011 | 12:22 pm
posted by: bethbethbeth in disc_fest

Below are the 22 Stories, Artworks, and Videos - now with the names of their creators attached - that were posted as part of Disc Fest 2011

Thanks to everybody who helped make this inaugural round of disc_fest a success.


  • shiv5468: "The Annals of the Guild of Assassins" (Lord Downey. From Prompt 137: "The Guild of Assassins list of fees for Samuel Vimes." PG.)


  • autumnestuary: "Hive" (Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. "Nanny and Granny in a renaissance-esque diptych painting, as they appear in Lords and Ladies." G.)

  • gumbie_cat: "Life With a Hermit Elephant" ("Some animals really don't make good pets." G.)

  • jurious: "A Pleasure To Meet You" (Havelock Vetinari, Lady Margolotta "During his travels through Überwald on the Grand Sneer, young Havelock and his guide find themselves a little lost and off track. (Though perhaps not purposefully, if Vetinari has had anything to do with it.) They seek shelter and assistance at the nearest castle as the night draws in, which turns out to be the residence of one Lady Margolotta." G.)

  • marrael: "Lu-Tse and the Doctor" (Lu-Tse, the Eleventh Doctor. "The Doctor's about to learn Rule One." G)


  • astro_knight: "Saturday For No Luck At All" (William de Worde/Otto Chriek. From Prompt 174. “William de Worde isn't sure how to tell his father or co-workers that he's married to Otto Chriek and not Sacharissa.” 3009 words)

  • astro_knight: "One Sister Have I in Our House" (Esmerelda Weatherwax, Lily Weatherwax, DEATH. "Esme and Lily Weatherwax, time and again." 4730 words.)

  • atdelphi / delphi: "Youthful Indiscretions" (Rufus Drumknott, Havelock Vetinari, Leonard of Quirm . "In which a young Vetinari makes the acquaintance of Leonard of Quirm, and Rufus Drumknott is still dealing with the fallout thirty years later." ~1000 words)

  • brutti_ma_buoni / brutti_ma_buoni: "Social Death" (Death, Albert. "Death is preparing for some important guests." 580 words)

  • brutti_ma_buoni / brutti_ma_buoni: "Civic Duty" (William de Worde, OCs, Vetinari. " The Truth investigates fearlessly, at the gentle suggestion of Lord Vetinari. The Guild of Trumpeters, Buglers and Practitioners of the Annunciatory Arts is powerless to resist. " 1800 words)

  • dickgloucester: "Waist Not, Want Not" (pre-Sybil/Sam. " Lady Sybil Ramkin remembers her society debut." 1140 words)

  • glinda: "On Plants and Pachyderms" (Serious Plants, the Dowager Duchess of Quirm, Bob the Hermit Elephant. "Serious Plants never expected to be sent on a quest, nor did he expect to have his ‘faithful companion’ for it be a hermit elephant." 1300 words)

  • glinda: "The Nice and Accurate Adventures of Aziraphale in Ankh-Morpork" (Crossover with Good Omens. Aziraphale, Crowley, the Librarian. "All truly good second-hand bookshops are really genteel black-holes that have learned how to read." 1149 words)

  • gumbie_cat: "Five times Angua met the in-laws (and one time they met somebody else)" (Carrot/Angua. "Meeting the in-laws is always stressful, even more so when they're dwarves and you're a werewolf with a habit of putting your foot in your mouth. Here are some ways it might have gone." 1550 words)

  • gumbie_cat: "Clothes make the man" (Carrot. " It's a terrible thing to be nearly sixteen and the wrong species. What if his species wasn't the only thing Carrot was wrong about?" 1150 words)

  • lyras: "Circle Time" (Esmerelda Weatherwax/Mustrum Ridcully. "At circle time, Esmerelda has a choice to make. In fact, she has two." 1250 words)

  • moreteadk: "Narrative Magic" (Black Aliss. "Being a childless royal couple around a witch with a penchant for Narrative Magic is really just asking for trouble..." 5205 words)

  • opalmatrix: "Fourteen Miles" (Sergeant Jackrum, Lieutenant Froc. " Fourteen miles is an easy day's march for an army. For young Froc, it's something else entirely." 2200 words)

  • oxymoronic3: "How Sybil Ramkin Fell In Love With Dragons" (Sybil Ramkin. "In a school where many thought that being big and kind meant that you were invisible, it's only natural that one would take to a creature who cares not what you look like so long as you come equipped with their feed. When it came to Sybil and dragons, it was love at first sight." 2030 words)

  • recessional: "Natural Complications" (Susan Sto Helit/Lobsang Ludd, Death, Ronnie Soak (Chaos), the Death of Rats, Time. "Death's granddaughter cannot possibly be pregnant. Literally." 1915 words)

  • silverinkblot: "Tea" (Vimes. " Night Watch: Vimes accepts his younger self's offer to tea with Mum." 207 words)


  • lyonie17: "Adora Belle" (Adora Belle Dearheart, Moist von Lipwig.. From Prompt: 12. Adora Belle Dearheart's diary and/or other documents (notes to herself, receipts etc) for a week. Song: Fighter, by Christina Aguilera)

    See you all next year, on the Glorious 25th of May!
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    Janet Chui

    (no subject)

    from: marrael
    date: Aug. 9th, 2011 03:28 am (UTC)

    I tried to leave a comment on the DW comm but couldn't get my openID recognised. No matter.

    Thanks for organising this! Sorry LJ's troubles interrupted things a bit on the LJ side. My life was also insanely busy that I couldn't quite keep up with all the content--but what I've read and seen so far has been great, and I'm glad I took part. (Lu Tse and the Doctor was done in 2 hours on the absolute LAST DAY, that's how fast the deadline crept up on me.) Till next year!

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