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Art and Fic Prompt Claiming Post for Disc Fest 2011

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May. 25th, 2011 | 11:07 am
posted by: bethbethbeth in disc_fest

In honor of the Glorious 25th of May...

(banner by chomiji)

Below the cut tag is a table with all the prompts suggested by our community watchers, a wild-card category, plus, a few of the prompts I used as examples, just because!

Each prompt can be claimed by up to four people (two artists and two authors) - and yes, you may claim a prompt that you suggested.

I've screened all comments so that prompt claiming is anonymous. As prompts are selected, I'll update the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth posts to indicate how many claims have been made.

Prompts will be available for claiming until midnight (New York time) on June 1, 2011

For more info, take a look at the earlier background information posts on Livejournal and mirrored on Dreamwidth If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at: discfest.mod [at] gmail [dot] com

Please use the following form to sign up:

(note: information about what sort of header to use for your submission will be sent to you with the confirmation of your prompt)


Prompt Art Claims Fic Claims
1. Wild Card - Persons claiming this want to write/draw something that is not one of the prompts in this table. Anything related to any of the characters, locations, or scenarios from Discworld is fair game (wording adapted from snarryathon11).
2. Neverwhere crossover: Door's favorite bedtime story is the tale of the opener who founded the House of Arch and that opener's parents--a magnificent thief who can step outside of time and a mostly human governess who can walk through walls.
3. A picture / map / other visual representation of the Discworld as drawn by Granny Weatherwax
4. Granny Weatherwax's, Nanny Ogg's & Magrat's efforts at sexual health education in Lancre
5. Ankh Morpork's first troll assassin (Art inspiration from: here)
6. Esk (aka Eskarina Smith)'s adventures after the events of Equal Rites
7. Esk making herself at home at the Unseen University
8. Any or all of Nanny Oggs assorted courtships and 3 marriages
9. Granny Weatherwax's childhood
10. A meeting (whether actual or in some dream etc) between Granny Weatherwax and Black Aliss
11. The Sleeping Beauty story told from the POV of Black Aliss (why did she send the castle to sleep?)
12. Adora Belle Dearheart's diary and/or other documents (notes to herself, receipts etc) for a week
13. Before & after the librarian -> orangutan transformation
14. How did Lady Sybil Ramkin become interested in dragons?
15. Any canonical event from the Discworld series interpreted through the POV of Foul Ole Ron
16. The worst day in Angua's life
17. Corporal Maladict/a's life prior to joining the army, and/or after the events of the Monstrous Regiment
18. The fourteen miles that Sergeant Jackrum carried General Froc
19. Any of Rincewind's adventures (in canon, or of your own invention) interpreted / told from the POV of the luggage
20. Angua and Cheery play Thud
21. If Lady Sybil drew a map of her home, what would it look like? [Optional: how does the map differ from that drawn by Vimes?]
22. Maurice (the cat) meets Gaspode (the dog). What happens?
23. The world according to Ptraci
24. [A Discworld character of your choice] unwittingly adopts a quantum weather butterfly as a pet. What happens?
25. A Republican Bee colony moves into the gardens of [a Discworld character of your choice]. What happens, and what (if any) thoughts about politics / human nature does it provoke?
26. [A Discworld character of your choice] commissions a coat of arms. What does it look like?
27. Life with a hermit elephant
28. Surviving for a day in The Shades
29. The view from the Tower of Art
30. How the Seamstresses Guild was formed
31. A (heavily biased?) history of Ankh Morpork
32. Anything involving both the Trousers of Time and the Gloomy Trousers of Uncle Vanya
33. Anything set in Dunmanifestin
34. Anything set in Bhangbhangduc
35. Anything set in Leshp
36. A Violet/Billous oneshot
37. A young Lady Sybil makes her society debut.
38. After some kind of fight with one of the other witches, Agnes decides to take a trip and FIND Oats. What happens next?
39. Albert has to choose between letting the last of his sand run out and accomplishing something very important.
40. Albert's first days as Death's butler.
41. An episode in the life of Lord Vetinari before he became Patrician - anything from more about the Assassins School to the events of Night Watch to how he took over as Patrician, or else something not mentioned in canon.
42. Where the hell is Muntab?
43. Polly Perks and Maladicta (gen or as a couple). The war is over. Long live the next war.
44. Gytha Ogg and her husband. Any husband. Any time.
45. Something shiny and new comes to Ankh-Morpork (the bicycle? roulette? Kung-fu? You decide.) How does the city respond? (Bonus points for contributions from Moist, Dibbler, Vimes and/or the Dean.)
46. Where does Cherie Littlebottom shop now? Welcome to the world of dwarf couture.
47. A character from another reality appears in Discworld. To be precise, on the table in the Great Hall at Unseen University in the middle of one of the more important meals of the year. Life ensues. (Crossover with whatever you like. The Jossverse or SPN would make me happy, but so would many other alternatives.)
48. An exploration of one of Ankh-Morpork's lesser-known Guilds.
49. Angua and Carrot, visiting in-laws :D
50. Something happens to Vetinari, and for a while at least, Carrot's latent royalness manifests itself. What happens to him or Angua during that time?
51. Angua meets a mermaid.
52. The Discworld's version of fan fiction.
53. The Discworld's version of reality TV.
54. American Idol RPF crossover/AU.
55. Bandom crossover/AU.
56. Vimes meets Dr. House.
57. A Discworld version of a Biblical tale (can take place in "current day" DW or DW history).
58. Susan as a nanny! Can be to any kids, includinf kids of any other characters we know.
59. Binky falls in love.
60. Angua/Susan, being a governess isn't that different to being a watchperson
61. Adora Belle/Lady Margolotta, a conversation with edge
62. Adora Belle/Esk, magic is sexier when it's done by women
63. Rose Palm/Sandra Battye, it's all about trust
64. Rose Palm/Sandra Battye, "you wouldn't believe what Sandra can do with a mushroom"
65. Nanny Ogg/[female character of your choice], Nanny has always been sexually-adventurous
66. Perdita/[female character of your choice], she doesn't just have good hair
67. Ankh-Morpork acquires its very own superhero! What is this individual's civilian identity? How does the Patrician and/or the Watch feel about this development?
68. Anything, as long as it's set in Death's domain
69. AU, Young Sybil and Sam meet, metaphorical houses are set on fire, here be dragons, romance!, chaos and probably accusations of impropriety ensue.
70. Ridcully and Granny Weatherwax, fifty years ago during the summer in Lancre.
71. Otto flirting with William and Sacharissa mostly in good fun.
72. Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg through the years, including their first ever meeting.
73. Cheery Littlebottom prodding serious buttock, possibly in a moment of forensic genius.
74. Ponder and Bengo Macarona--professorly rivalry that turns into a very odd friendship and an even odder romance. Crack crack craaack.
75. Crossover! BBC!Sherlock and Granny Weatherwax discuss things but mostly argue in a very headological way.
76. AU: All hail His Majesty, King Carrot the First.
77. Being a princess is nice and all, but what Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre really wants to do when she grows up is...
78. Crossover: Unseen University is in danger! The Librarian uses L-Space to call on his colleagues for help.
79. Daily life in Überwald
80. Death and Time play chess. The Sweeper and Arthur kibitz.
81. Lady Sybill, Adora Bell and Angua are in the Free Hospital waiting room, waiting for the healer to finish with their men. Tiffany, on the other hand, is waiting for the healer.
82. Roland convinces Wee Mad Arthur to form the Chalk's first Watch.
83. Tiffany married Roland. Now he wants to return the favor.
84. Polly and Mal in the big city.
85. Time convinces Susan to take a holiday.
86. Susan Sto Helit cannot possibly be pregnant. She just can't. Really.
87. Sam Vimes and Granny Weatherwax have a drink. Or two.
88. Death comes for a major character.
89. Discworld/Dr Who (Eleven) crossover: Lu-tse and the Eleventh Doctor: wackiness ensues? (Bonus points for Eleven having to confront Time as an embodied personality, whether as Lobsang or the original Time
90. Emberella ruling Genua. It's no fairy tale.
91. Esme and Lily as children.
92. Everybody has an opinion on Young Sam Vimes's career plans, but Young Sam isn't so sure.
93. Fate and the Lady: playing games.
94. Good Omens crossover: Aziraphale discovers why opening a used bookshop in Ankh-Morpork is a terrible idea.
95. How DID Colon wind up married/having kids, anyway?
96. How DID Wen the Eternally Surprised catch Time's attention, anyway?
97. How Otto Chriek began his photography career.
98. In Lords and Ladies, we find out that there are universes where Esmerelda Weatherwax and Mustrum Ridcully are happily (for given values of happy) married and living out their lives. What ARE those lives like?
99. Lance-Constable AE Pessimal's first three weeks on the job.
100. Lobsang attempts a romantic meal for Susan.
101. Lobsang introduces Susan to his parents.
102. Mightily Oats in Uberwald.
103. Moist von Lipwig acquires a cat with a special talent; Maurice acquires a human who may well be a better con-artist than he is.
104. Neverwhere crossover: Ingress ends up in Ankh-Morpork.
105. Nutt and Glenda pass through Bäd Blintz.
106. Mightily Oats and Dangerous Beans (my goodness, great harmony of names) discuss ethics, or possibly wanting to run away and do something else with their lives, but being stuck by duty.
107. When Ridcully finally passes along, Susan shows up to take him. Just for old time's sake.
108. What ever happened to Imp, anyway?
109. The second time Tiffany and Captain Carrot meet, the circumstances are no better than the first time.
110. The SECOND time Ankh-Morpork has to intervene between Borogravia/Mouldavia, Vimes sends Constable Sally von Humperding to find Captain Maladicta and . . . liaise. ("Constable, are you trying to tell me one vampire can't damn well talk to another vampire whenever they want?" " . . . point, sir.")
112. Moist von Lipwig is sent as a Special Emissary to Uberwald (town of your choice).
113. Detritus takes Brick home to Ruby.
114. Trolls in their proper habitat are quite the different thing.
115. Shawn Ogg finally gets married . . . . to a woman who has absolutely NO intention of becoming, like all the other Ogg-wives, slightly abused free labour for her mother-in-law, and has the strength of personality to back it up. What does Nanny Ogg do?
116. Somebody attempts to take over control of the city from the Patrician…and it starts to look as if [she/he/it/they] might succeed!
117. Susan takes on a particularly challenging new student.
118. Sybil mentioned going out with Lord Rust once. What was that like?
119. Vimes is turned into a teenager and Carrot has to deal with him.
120. A normal day at the Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons
121. When Colon met Nobby.
122. What if Vimes had agreed to have tea with his mum in Night Watch?
123. Sybill has an adventure of her own (can be before or after she marries).
124. Tiffany Aching from the point of view of various others - Granny Weatherwax, Roland, Annagramma (or other characters if you prefer).
125. Granny Weatherwax meets an old friend (take this as you will).
126. Life on XXXX after the wizards visit it.
127. Susan meets Nanny Ogg again .
128. Corporal Longbottom is sent on a troublesome assignment.
129. Death meets someone with an extremely convoluted plan that involves not dying.
130. A day in the life of Leonard of Quirm.
131. Stoneface Vimes liked a drink as much as his descendent did.
132. I love Death's various attempts at family; anything that brings him together with Susan again would be lovely.
133. The Elves are back, and they want revenge.
134. Sybill Vimes and Havelock Vetinari as children: were they friends?
135. The beliefs of worshippers shape the God, and Brutha started the process in the desert - what's Om like, by the time Mightily Oats is in Uberwald? Does he get lonely?
136. The first day on the job for Vetinari's successor.
137. The Guild of Assassins list of fees [for a year / Discworld book of your choice]
138. [Any character] experiences a queer bar in Ankh Morpork
139. City politics leads to a clash between the Golem Trust and the Campaign for Equal Heights. What goes down, who adjudicates, and how it is resolved?
140. [Any character] starts an LGBTQ organisation in Ankh Morpork. What is it called, who joins, and how do the other players in the city react?
141. Rosie Palm, she's been part of more than one revolution
142. Rosie Palm/Lady Roberta Meserole, the thrill of politics
143. Lady Roberta Meserole/Lady Margolotta, they get on like a house on fire
144. Five people Lord Vetinari killed, and one he didn't
145. Instead of Vimes travelling in time during Night Watch [any character] goes in his place. In what ways does this change history?
146. The History Monks save the day. As usual, (almost) no one notices.
147. The Lady needs the services of a con artist. Moist Von Lipwig gets an offer that seems too good to be true.
148. The Unseen University's latest biological experiment has escaped, hilarity ensues.
149. Moist Von Lipwig runs into Granny Weatherwax and tries to con her "just to keep his hand in"
150. The post office ecosystem that started with snails ends with something a lot more dangerous to humans on top
151. Coin is back for a short visit at the University: They're doing something that endangers the world and need to stop. Mustrum Ridcully isn't listening.
152. The Marquis de Carabas is the child/descendent of Human Greebo.
153. The Night was supposed to claim Anasthesia the Ratspeaker from the Knightsbridge--but the Death of Rats interfered. (If Death can have his mortals, why can't the Grim Squeaker?)
154. The three sisters from The Fifth Elephant: what happens when they make it to Ankh-Morpork?
155. Tiffany Aching attempts to arrange her wedding, which involves managing family, a helpful Baron and Baroness, the Feegles, and all the other witches.
156. Time and Death have tea.
157. Two words: Archchancellor Rincewind
158. Sapient pearwood toothpick
159. Magrat read somewhere that witches are supposed to have relations with other women. She attempts to work this into conversation with Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg.
160. Art prompt: The Witches, by Lovis Corinth (NSFW) (unless you work in a museum)
161. Art prompt: Any Discworld witch(es) in any medieval/renaissance style
162. Wee Mad Arthur on the pro wrestling circuit
163. Unity's experiences while crossing the black desert of the afterlife, and what she found on the other side.
164. Vetinari and the History Monks: does he know about them? What does he know about them if he does?
165. Vimes and how he changed from his bright eyed 16 y/o self in Night Watch into his rather less than bright eyed self in Guards! Guards!.
166. Sybil's years in school
167. Angua, Sally, Cheery and the girls night becoming a regular thing
168. The gloomy sisters from Uberwald (The Fifth Elephant) and their visit to Ankh Morpork as Vimes had promised.
169. What happened to Twoflower's daughter, Pretty Butterfly?
170. Whatever happened to Errol and the "king"?
171. When Havelock Vetinari met Lady Margolotta.
172. When members of the Night Watch start disappearing, William de Worde investigates. What does he discover?
173. Who did Otto Chriek USED to be, before he took the black ribbon, came to Ankh-Morpork and adopted protective camouflage as the funny guy who takes pictures?
174. William de Worde isn't sure how to tell his father or co-workers that he's married to Otto Chriek and not Sacharissa.
175. Young Havelock Vetinari on the Grand Sneer.
176. Who was the Duck Man before he...er...acquired a duck? And how did that happen, anyway?
177. Glenda Sugarbean and Nutt in Quirm. Or Uberwald. Or Fourecks. Anywhere that is not Ankh-Morpork.
178. Unlike Dibbler and Gaspode, Victor didn't end up in Ankh-Morpork again once the Holy Wood magic vanished, and we never heard from Ginger again, either. So what DID happen to them?
179. How DOES a human become a dwarf?
180. A barbarian heroine joins the Night Watch. (There are at least four canonical ones.)
181. Whatever happened to Tawnee? Was she ever cured of Jerk Syndrome
182. What did the Patrician do with the Gonne
183. Carrot and Angua: on a honeymoon, you're supposed to get away from it all
184. Vimes and the Watch: No one was sure whose idea the bachelor party had been
185. Susan was an experienced nanny. She knew all about children. Then she met Tiffany Aching.
186. The Librarian takes a holiday. Witches may be involved. Or perhaps the Nac mac Feegle
187. Drumknott and Willikins have a few drinks and discuss their employers ... most discreetly, of course!
188. Little Susan has a special time with her Grandad ... emphasis on special
189. The Death of Rats, Quoth the Raven, and Awfully Wee Billy Bigchin: their encounter involves a city street, nostalgia, and a some damn fine liquor
190. Polly Perks and Maledicta, the second time around: neutral ground - "please swallow your pride
191. Dorfl is put in charge of training a raw recruit ... and maybe an old golem can learn a few new tricks
192. The Death of Rats and Greebo have An Adventure: it's a city of wonders, and it's an ill turn that does no one good.

Additional Information

*Participants may claim one prompt at a time, but please list two choices, just in case your first choice is no longer available. (note: if you would like to be assigned both of your chosen prompts, please indicate that in your comment.)

*All stories must be a minimum of 500 words. Longer stories, however, are absolutely encouraged.

*There is no "minimum" requirement for artworks (although something more than a drawble is strongly suggested).

*Remember that this is an anonymous fest. All stories and art should be sent to the Mod (discfest.mod [at] gmail [dot] com) by July 20, 2011 for posting. Author and Artist reveals will take place August 3, 2011.

*Feel free to publicize the Fest wherever you think there might be interest. If you'd like to post the Disc Fest banner (made by chomiji) in your journal, just copy/paste the following code:

(As many of you know, Terry Pratchett - the amazing creator of the Discworld series - was diagnosed with a rare, early-onset form of Alzheimer's Disease some years ago. For those of you who might be interested in contributing to an associated Alzheimer's research fund, click here to read more about the ongoing 'Wear the Lilac for Alzheimer's' campaign.)

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